Colin Asselstine Mugshot

Colin Asselstine

Project Manager

A Northern authority on renewable energy, Colin is a long-time resident of Yukon's Kluane Region and an active member of the community. With more than twenty years of experience in the Yukon resource and industrial sectors, Colin has worked as a project manager, operations manager, and business owner.

For the last ten years, Colin has worked primarily in the area of First Nations Economic Development, including sustainable development and infrastructure projects in Indigenous communities throughout the North. As the General Manager of the Kluane Community Development Limited Partnership, Colin partnered with government and industry to enhance local economic opportunities, and attract investment to Kluane First Nation. His work has included community consultations, facilitation, attracting investment, and project management delivery for regional partnerships, First Nations, and private sector interests. With a focus on local capacity development, Colin's work ensures companies, local citizens and contractors have opportunities to be involved at all levels of a project, while maintaining a cost-effective and solution-based approach.

At Outcrop, Colin holds a project management role with Indigenous and Northern clients, working with governments to communicate effectively with communities. He also facilitates solutions for clients who have complex projects spanning traditional territories throughout the North.